Brand: Addressograph Bartizan
Product Code: CC/IMP/4850
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Typical applications for this are:

  • Backup to an electronic terminal
  • Home shopping parties
  • Fairs and exhibitions

The 4850 is ideal for businesses looking for an affordable, reliable imprinter for credit card transactions. Its low flex base won't bow or bend like other low cost alternatives. The small footprint takes up less space than other flatbeds. The combination of reliability and low price, makes the 4850 the most robust and cost-effective imprinter available. The 4850 is supplied with a dry roller so, bank supplied vouchers must be used.

All imprinters can be fitted with a metal embossed plate with your details. The plate for the 4850 has 5 lines available and there is space for 20 characters including spaces on each line. Please click on the Related Products tab for Metal Plates.

Operating and Adjustment Instructions