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Professional Skin Protection Foam
VEOMEE provides the solution to prevent and protect against skin reactions from frequent hand washing and use of alcohol-based sanitisers. No more dry and damaged skin!

By creating a two-dimensional protection network in the epidermis layer, VEOMEE shields and protects skin from every day irritants  – just like an invisible glove.

• Calms skin irritations such eczema and contact dermatitis.
• Non-greasy formulation won’t clog pores.
• Clinically and dermatologically proven.

Apply a walnut size amount of VEOMEE to clean and dry hands and work in well. Allow to dry completely. Re-apply every 4 hours for ongoing protection.

All natural functions are maintained and sense of touch is unaffected.  Following application, the skin barrier has been shown to remain intact for at least 4 hours even if the skin is washed with soap and water and sanitised during the 4 hour period.  After 4 – 6 hours perspiration from the skin dissolves the skin barrier and it evaporates.

100 ml for ± 150 applications.