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Customise your thermal rolls with special offers, promotions, company logos or terms and conditions.

Direct, targeted and brand enhancing to increase awareness and maximise sales

We ensure quality printing so you make a real impact on your customers. Up to six colours with a single repeat image the whole length of each roll, every customer gets your message to come back buy again and who knows may pass this to friends and family. Its a great way to build business with a proven return on investment.

In the past only very large production runs of branded rolls could absorb the print set up costs. New technology means small runs can be manufactured so now all businesses can build their brands at an affordable cost.

This creates the ability for all businesses to use colour receipts as promotional tools

We can supply your finished rolls 10-15 days after artwork is signed off.

Simply place your order online and we will contact you to organise the artwork and get you started.

Compatible with all terminal by Ingenico, PAX, Spire Payments and Verifone and all suppliers such as World Pay, Cardnet, Barclays, Paymentsense etc


57mm width x 38mm diameter x 14.3m length

These are high quality 57 x 40 thermal rolls suitable for PDQ machines. Our thermal paper is manufactured in the UK and meet high industry standards. Buy today for the best price online. 

These are high-quality rolls for the following terminals listed below:

Ingenico EFT930, Ingenico EFT 930B, Ingenico EFT 930G, Ingenico EFT 930P, Ingenico EFT 930W

Ingenico iCT220, Ingenico iCT 250

Ingenico iWL200, Ingenico iWL 220 Ingenico iWL221, Ingenico iWL222, Ingenico iWL250, Ingenico iWL251, Ingenico iWL252

Verifone VX670, Verifone VX520, Verifone VX680, Verifone 600

Able AP1200, Able AP824, Able AP824B, Able AP842, Able AP842B, Able AP860

Ascom EFT-20P

Axalto Magic 5100, Axalto Magic X1000, Axalto X100

Barclays ICT250

Bixolon SPP-R200, Bixolon SRP-R200

Cardsave 5100, Cardsave 7780 (Portable), Cardsave 7910 (Mobile), Cardsave iCT250

Citizen CMP-10/BT

Elite 710

Epson S2500THS

Extech S1500T, Extech S2500TEF, Extech S3500T

Gemalto Magic 1000, Gemalto Magic 5100

Magic 5100, Magic X1000

Matsu-Dionica Omera GSM

Natwest Streamline Ocius VX670

Sagem EFT-930G, Sagem Matsu EFT-930-SEM, Sagem Monetel EFT 930-B, Sagem Monetel EFT 930-G, Sagem Monetel EFT 930P, Sagem Monetel EFT 930S, Sagem Monetel EFT 930S-GM, Sagem Monetel EFT 930-W, Sagem R360

Samsung Bixolon SPP-R200, Samsung Bixolon SRP-R200

Schlumberger Magic 5100, Schlumberger Magic X1000

Streamline ICT250, Streamline VX670

Touchstar Touchpod 57mm.

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