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Compatible with the following terminals:

Ingenico F35, Ingenico i5310, Ingenico i7300

Spire Artema Portable

Checkmate 9900 Gas Analyser

Commidea Ocius VX510,  Commidea Ocius VX810

Epson M-T101,  Epson M-T101A,  Epson M-T102,  Epson M-T102A,  Epson M-T103,  Epson M-T103A

Gemalto Magic 3,  Gemalto Magic X-8,  Gemalto X5,  Gemalto X8

Magic 3X-8

Matsu-Dionica Omera XP

Ocius VX510,  Ocius VX810

SMS SMS2Printer:Maestro

Streamline Magic X-8,  Streamline VX810


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